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Introducing Cellulaze

Published on July 6, 2012 by

Cellulite is inherently frustrating because it appears on anyone, regardless of weight or size. It is a genetic trait. Earlier cellulite treatments were not promising, as they did not address the underlying causes of cellulite. Exercise routenes will not help, either.

Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A. has recently acquired the new cellulite treatment Cellulaze.  Cellulaze is unlike any other treatment on the market because it is a laser.  The procedure targets the root causes of cellulite, thinning skin combined with uneven fat deposits.  The dimpling effect is caused by connective fibers underneath the skin (septae) pulling the outer layer of the skin downwards against bulging fat deposits.  During the procedure, the Cellulaze cannula is inserted underneath the skin to treat both of these issues.  The cannula physically separates the septae while emitting a laser to melt down fat cells.  As an added bonus, the heat from the laser promotes collagen production to thicken the skin.  The result is smoother, younger-looking skin sans cellulite.  According to a study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the Cellulaze procedure yielded skin that was 25% thicker after a year post-op.  Cellulite reduction remained in tact.  Already, patients are seeing dramatic and lasting results.

Here are just some of the sources that have featured Cellulaze recently.

Wall Street Journal: New Laser Aims to Zap Cellulite at the Source

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