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Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction – Which Is Right for You?

Published on January 22, 2018 by

The abdomen is a problematic area for many adults. Even individuals that eat a healthy diet and work out regularly may struggle to tone the stomach area to their liking.

Dr. Jill Hazen, a plastic surgery specialist in Princeton, offers several body contouring procedures, including liposuction and tummy tuck, designed to create a more attractive abdomen. Although both are safe and effective procedures, it’s important to identify the specific issues that need to be treated in order to pick the more appropriate surgery.

Are You Bothered by Excess Fat?

If your primary concern about your abdomen’s appearance is unwanted fatty tissue, liposuction is probably your better option. Liposuction is intended for individuals with good skin and muscle tone that struggle to lose weight in the stomach.

During the procedure, several tiny incisions are created in the abdomen and a special instrument called a cannula breaks up and removes the unwanted fat. Liposuction can also be used to sculpt other areas of the body, like the sides, back, hips, buttocks and thighs. This can help to emphasize a slender midsection.

It’s important to understand that liposuction removes fat only; it doesn’t have any effect on the quality of the skin or muscles. Liposuction should not be performed on areas of the body with loose skin. In fact, doing so can actually accentuate the laxity.

Are You Bothered by Excess Fat and Skin?

If you have concerns about your abdomen’s appearance, including loose skin, tummy tuck (a.k.a., abdominoplasty) is likely the more appropriate solution. The tummy tuck procedure involves removing fat and excess skin, tightening the skin and repairing damaged or separated abdominal muscles.

During surgery, a horizontal incision is created on the lower abdomen, right above the pubic hairline, which is well hidden in a typical bikini. Through the incision, fat and skin are removed, the abdominal muscles are tightened in a corset-like fashion and the remaining skin is draped more tightly over the abdomen. The result is a flatter and more toned-looking stomach.

Due to the nature of the tummy tuck procedure, it is commonly recommended to individuals with cosmetic issues associated with pregnancy and significant weight loss. If you have recently lost a good amount of weight (either through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery) or had children, tummy tuck is probably right for you.

Discuss Your Options with Dr. Hazen

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