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What Are the Benefits of Combining Procedures into One Mommy Makeover?

Published on November 19, 2018 by
Princeton Mommy Makeover Benefits

Mommy makeover is the process of helping a woman reclaim a youthful appearance once she is done having children. Most mommy makeovers include abdominal and breast surgery procedures to target the areas of the body most affected by pregnancy and nursing. And while these procedures can be performed as separate surgeries, there are advantages to combining them into a single operation.

Read on as Princeton plastic surgeon Dr. Jill Hazen explains the benefits you can reap by combining breast and body procedures into one surgery.

Shorter Overall Recovery

Any time you have a surgical operation, you have to account for recovery time. For mothers, this requires making arrangements for help with childcare, cooking and chores, and possibly scheduling time off from work to properly recover.

By combining procedures into a single operation, you will not have to plan for two or three separate operations and recoveries; you can streamline the entire process. Recovering from a combination operation will likely require a few more days than recovering from a single procedure, but overall it should be much more convenient for you and your family.

Quicker Results

Staging out procedures and performing them separately means it will take longer to achieve your ultimate goals. But with one operation and one recovery, you can enjoy your results much sooner!

Cost Savings

Although cost should not be the defining factor in your decision, there are certainly financial advantages to combining procedures. If you only have all of the procedures on the same day you only pay one facility/hospital fee and one anesthesiology fee, as opposed to paying these fees multiple times. Overall it is more cost-effective to have multiple procedures performed at once than to stage out procedures separately.

Your Safety Is Most Important

Cost savings and convenience aside, Dr. Hazen’s main concern is patient safety. She will not recommend anything that could put your health and wellness in jeopardy. In her experience, it is usually safe to combine several procedures into a single operation, as long as the overall operation does not last too long.

Exactly how long is considered safe depends on several factors, but most experts feel surgery should not exceed six hours.

Keep in mind that every patient is different and what works for someone else may not ultimately be what is best for you. Dr. Hazen can recommend the right approach for your needs and goals during a one-on-one consultation at our practice.

To discuss mommy makeover procedures with Dr. Hazen, please contact her Princeton practice and request an appointment today.