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BBL™ and Skintyte™ Treatment: Effective Photorejuvenation Therapy Technique

Published on March 23, 2012 by

Photorejuvenation therapy uses intense pulsed light or other thermal or chemical methods to treat skin problems that arise from photoaging (skin damage that results from prolonged, lifetime exposure to UV radiation).  With the use of specific photorejuvenation therapy treatments, Dr. Hazen can help prompt the wounded skin to heal itself by creating new cells. Although this therapy cannot completely reverse the effects of photoaging, it can remove a good portion of the damage.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Hazen, she will assess your skin and ask what goals and expectations you have regarding the treatment of your skin. She will also explain the procedural options that she offers: the BBL™ laser and Skintyte™ treatments. Both the lasers can significantly improve skin – individually or combined.

BBL Laser Overview

The BBL laser (broadband light) can treat several problem areas including fine wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation. The areas that are the most exposed to the damaging effects of UV radiation include the face, neck, back of hands, chest, and shoulders; however, any area of the body can be treated with the BBL laser. Typically, normal activity can be resumed immediately after treatment.

Skintyte Laser Overview

The Skintyte laser treatment is intended to firm the skin and provide a more youthful-looking appearance. The Skintyte laser deeply heats the skin. The areas that are more commonly treated (again, the most exposed areas that receive damage from the sunlight) are the face, neck, abdomen, and arms. The Skintyte laser provides a comfortable experience for the patient, as it delivers a sequence of rapid, gentle pulses to the skin. Comparable to the BBL laser treatment, there is no downtime.  The patient should be able to resume normal activities immediately afterwards.

When the improved skin texture provided by the BBL laser combines with the firming effect of the Skintyte laser, an overall rejuvenated result occurs for the patient.  These two lasers work together to fight aging from separate angles.

Dr. Hazen can further discuss the details and benefits of these photorejuvenation therapy treatments, and how the BBL laser and Skintyte laser complement one another’s results, providing an optimal outcome for the patient.

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