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Neck Lift Surgery in Princeton, New Jersey

If the eyes are the first area where we begin to show the signs of age, then the neck is arguably the second. As collagen production slows and the skin begins to sag, our jawline and neck can become loose and wrinkled. In addition, stubborn fat underneath the chin can store up, leading to a double chin. To improve these bothersome issues and achieve a slimmer and more defined facial and neck appearance, take advantage of Dr. Jill Hazen’s neck lift procedures at her Princeton, NJ aesthetic center.

What a neck lift can accomplish

  • Smooth wrinkles on the neck
  • Tighten and tone sagging neck skin
  • Provide a youthful, more attractive balance to face and neck

Keep in mind that facelift and neck lift procedures when combined together can achieve a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation result. During your consultation, Dr. Hazen will determine the best procedures for what you are looking to accomplish.

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Why get neck lift surgery?

Many neck lift patients decide to undergo the procedure to eliminate their “wattle” or “turkey neck”, which they feel makes them look older or heavier.

This distracting condition can be greatly improved with a neck lift. The surgery is also popular for other reasons. During your consultation with Dr. Hazen, please bring up all aesthetic concerns regarding your neck and face, and she will help determine precisely the right treatments for your needs. 

Neck lift surgical details

A neck lift is done under IV sedation. Dr. Hazen will create small, discreet incisions underneath the chin and behind the earlobe to remove stubborn and excess fat prior to liposuction and lifting and tightening the skin of the neck and lower face. The incisions will be closed with sutures, and surgical dressings will be applied. A neck lift procedure can be combined with a facelift to give you additional anti-aging benefits in a single recovery period.

Recovery and results

Most neck lift patients need about two weeks of recovery time after their procedure. Expect to wear the surgical dressings for a few days, and be sure to keep your head elevated as much as you can. It’s also important not to twist or bend your neck during recovery.

You may have mild bruising, swelling, and discomfort for a few days, but the swelling will dissipate on its own within a week following the procedure. The tightening, anti-aging results will begin to appear in the weeks and months following treatment as the swelling dissipates and the skin appears tighter. Final results can be seen at four months. 

Neck lift in Princeton, NJ at Hazen Plastic Surgery

In practice for 25 years, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jill Hazen has an outstanding reputation in New Jersey for achieving beautiful, natural-looking results for the aging face and body. Neck lift procedures are one of our top services at Hazen Plastic Surgery, and Dr. Hazen brings her experience, artistic visualization, and clinical skills to every procedure she performs. Her professional, family-like staff will be there for you every step of the way. If you’re seeking neck lift surgery in the Princeton, NJ area, Dr. Hazen is the ideal surgeon for you. To schedule a consultation, we invite you to contact our office today. 

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