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BeautyFood of the Month: Almonds

Published on January 18, 2013 by

Happy New Year from Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A.!

After so much holiday indulgence, January marks the dawning of a new health-conscientiousness for many Americans.  All over the country, people are ditching the peppermint mocha lattes and cookies for a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and tea.  What is important to realize is that not all “diet” food is healthy food.  Some may find that after dieting for some time, they feel fatigued and deprived.  This should never happen on a healthy food plan.  Plus, dark circles under the eyes never help one feel uplifted after stressing towards the end of the year!

Let the humble little almond help!  Almonds are nutritional powerhouses that may also aid in weight loss, if eaten as part of a balanced diet of fresh whole foods.   They contain plenty of fiber and protein to keep you feeling satisfied, which is wonderful for your waistline!  In addition, they contain Vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant that nourishes the skin.  They are also heart healthy, as they help to lower cholesterol.  When combined with exercise, they will help you pump more iron and maintain a svelte figure.  The one downside to almonds is they are a common allergen.  But, never fear!  Many seeds do the same for you!  Happy snacking, everyone!

Recipe: Tamari Almonds

Recipe: Almond Brown Rice Pudding

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