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Labiaplasty in Princeton, New Jersey

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Want to get labial surgery from a female plastic surgeon in Princeton? Labiaplasty is an important surgical procedure for women who want to reduce the size of their labia. Many women may feel self-conscious or dissatisfied with the appearance of their labia, leading to feeling a loss of femininity or a lower quality of life. At Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A., board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jill Hazen wants women to regain confidence in their intimate appearance and help patients improve their quality of life. Labia reduction procedures at Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A. can help patients to reduce oversized or sagging skin on the labia caused by childbirth or the natural aging process.

Since every woman’s body is unique, Dr. Hazen will consult with patients prior to their procedure in order to determine their desired results and answer any questions or concerns. After designing an individualized treatment plan, Dr. Hazen can remove excess skin to improve intimate appearance and ensure a natural, symmetrical look.

After treatment, patients are advised to avoid exercising or engaging in sexual intercourse for three to four weeks to ensure proper healing and optimal results. Some side effects, like swelling, may occur but disappear on their own in a few weeks.

With labia reduction services at Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A., female patients can trust that a board-certified surgeon with extensive training and knowledge is handling their feminine aesthetic needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a labia reduction do?

A labia reduction in Princeton can remove the excess skin that causes embarrassment or loss of confidence for patients. During a labia reduction, the sagging skin is removed for a tighter and more symmetrical appearance so that patients may feel more comfortable in their bodies.

Is there any downtime?

Patients are advised to avoid exercise or sexual activity for three to four weeks following the treatment, to ensure that the treatment area heals properly and optimal results are achieved.

Who is an ideal candidate for labia reduction?

Any female patient who wants to improve their feminine aesthetic appearance may be an ideal candidate. Patients experiencing loose skin on the labia after pregnancy or aging are also ideal candidates. Candidates can determine if a labia reduction is right for them during a consultation prior to treatment.

How can I get started?

To learn more about labia reduction in Princeton, NJ at Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A., schedule your consultation at 609.921.7747.