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Breast Lifts – Princeton Breast Procedures

Published on August 22, 2014 by
Breast Lifts

There are many women who have become concerned about the look and feel of their breasts. Aging and pregnancy can change the size, shape and firmness of the breasts. Pendulous, drooping breasts can be problematic and can undermine a person’s self-image and confidence. For those interested in rejuvenating their appearance, breasts lifts can help you achieve that goal.

Breast lifts are procedures that deal with the shape of the breasts. With aged skin or skin that has been stretched due to pregnancy or weight fluctuations, the shape of the breasts can become stretched and develop ptosis. Breast ptosis is characterized by sagging in the nipple-areola complex and can lead to the extreme drooping of the nipples and stretching of the areolas. Breast lifts surgically remove excess skin and lift the breasts to a more natural and youthful position.

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