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Published on February 3, 2012 by

Welcome to Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A.’s Blog!

We are owned by Dr. Jill Hazen, a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Princeton, New Jersey.  Our practice includes the most advanced and effective cosmetic surgical procedures and technology there is to offer (surgical and nonsurgical) .  Our Aesthetic Skin Care and Laser Center also offers medical grade skin care treatments and products such as SkinMedica, Hydra Facial,  chemical peels, etc.

Our Blog will be a resource for those looking to read more about our featured procedures, news about new technology or products, and general topics that pertain to the practice.  In our posts, we also hope to answer any preliminary questions that patients may have before coming into the office.  If you have any specific questions or concerns that you cannot find answers to on our web site or blog, please contact us using the form provided, or e-mail us at info@hazenplasticsurgery.com.

Thank you for reading!  See you next time!