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Laser Tattoo Removal in Princeton, New Jersey

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Want to get laser tattoo removal in Princeton? Millions of Americans who have tattoos on their body, and many seek an effective and safe tattoo removal procedure for various reasons. In the past many tattoo removal procedures were painful or only partially effective. With PicoSure treatments for tattoo removal at Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A., patients can safely and effectively remove unwanted tattoos without harming their skin.

PicoSure tattoo removal treatments use an advanced laser to break up the ink in a tattoo. By focusing laser energy into the ink particles under the skin, the laser is able to get rid of unwanted ink and allow the body to eliminate any color, leaving patients with clear skin and no unwanted tattoos.

Despite the effectiveness of advanced PicoSure laser tattoo removal, some larger or fuller tattoos may require a series of treatments to achieve full removal results. Patients can discuss desired results with Dr. Jill Hazen during a consultation prior to the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does PicoSure tattoo removal work?

PicoSure laser tattoo removal works by breaking up the ink in a tattoo with focused laser energy. Once the ink has been treated, the body is able to reduce the colored ink for a smooth and clear result.

When will I see my results?

Many patients see optimal results through a series of treatments over three to six months. Results may vary depending on the age, size, and color of the tattoo, and can be discussed during a consultation prior to treatment. PicoSure tattoo removal achieves results in half the time of traditional tattoo removal technology.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects may include some redness or swelling, although they often disappear on their own in a few hours.

How can I get started with PicoSure laser tattoo removal at Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A.?

To learn more about laser tattoo removal in Princeton, NJ at Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A., call 609.921.7747 to schedule your consultation today.