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Want to get a photofacial in Princeton? Do you have unwanted red spots, telangiectasia, or rosacea? Hazen Aesthetic Skin Care and Laser Center is a full service laser center offering the latest in technology to safely treat sun-damaged skin. Dr. Hazen has the ability to combine several laser wavelengths and light sources to get optimal results in skin rejuvenation. Most laser treatments are done within 5 to 10 minutes with minimal discomfort. The feeling most patients report is mild tingling with a warming sensation, which quickly resolves. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Hazen to discuss your options for improvement.

During your consultation, Dr. Hazen will design a specific customized treatment plan which will address the skin condition you are looking to improve. You may require 1-4 treatments, depending on your skin condition. Many times you can start your first treatment the day of your consultation.

Get your skin looking its best at Hazen Aesthetic Laser and Skin Care Center*.

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