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Kybella Treatment in Princeton, New Jersey

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kybella logoKybella™ treatments at Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A. help patients treat submental fullness, more commonly known as “double chin”, without surgery or excessive downtime. Excess fat under the chin is often resistant to diet and exercise making many patients unable to achieve their desired body image with these measures alone. Kybella helps patients augment their healthy lifestyle by reducing excess fat under the chin without surgery for long-lasting results.

Non-surgical Kybella is FDA-approved to reduce chin fat with only minimal downtime, helping patients reach their beauty goals without a lengthy recovery. Kybella is made with deoxycholic acid—a substance naturally found in the body—that breaks down fat cells. Immediately after a Kybella injection, the fat cells begin to dissipate. In the weeks following treatment, patients will see a gradual reduction of fat for a slimmer appearance beneath the chin and along the jawline.

Patients in Princeton, NJ may require a series of Kybella treatments in order to fully eliminate fat underneath the chin. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jill Hazen will discuss expected results and more during a consultation prior to treatment at Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A..

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Kybella injections work?

Kybella injections use deoxycholic acid to break down the excess fat cells stored under the chin. After injection, the fat will gradually be reduced and processed through the body.

Does Kybella require any downtime?

Kybella treatments require minimal downtime, with some patients requiring a maximum of two days of recovery prior to resuming normal activities.

Are there any side effects?

Like most injectable treatments, there may be some swelling, bruising, or itching at the injection site, but this should go away on its own after treatment.

How can I get started?

Call 609.921.7747 to schedule your consultation and learn more Kybella in Princeton, NJ at Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A..