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Will My Facelift Scars Be Noticeable?

Published on May 18, 2019 by
Facelift scarring in Princeton

Just as every face differs, so too does every facelift. Whether a patient’s scars are noticeable depends on various factors, from skin type to genetics. It also depends on the plastic surgeon’s skill in disguising the incision.

In this blog post board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jill Hazen, of Hazen Plastic Surgery P.A., discusses what is to be expected with regard to scarring after facelift.

The Facelift Procedure

As we age, our faces sag. A facelift reduces this sagging by removing excess skin and fat and contouring the face so it appears more youthful. Dr. Hazen performs the facelift procedure by making small incisions in the temples and the natural creases around the ears. This method ensures that any scars are barely noticeable. What people will notice is that the person looks younger and more vibrant.

Post-Operative Scar Management

Proper scar management after surgery makes all the difference in the eventual outcome. Dr. Hazen provides patients with specific instructions for scar management and care, and they can call her at any time should they experience issues.

Once the bandages are removed by the surgeon within a day or so of the operation, patients will be instructed to apply wound care ointments regularly.

In addition to applying ointments to the scars, patients should massage the incisions regularly to increase blood flow, as per the doctor’s instructions, and learn to sleep in a way that doesn’t impact the incision during the healing process.

Dr. Hazen will explain what kinds of soaps and shampoos to use during recuperation. Patients should also avoid using any hair dyes, perms or other chemicals on the hair until the doctor clears them. For the first few months post-facelift, patients might consider a hairstyle designed to hide any scars.

It is imperative that patients recovering from facelift surgery stay out of the sun for the first month after surgery and always wear sunscreen with a high SPF when going outdoors. Any sort of tanning or burning will cause scars to become more noticeable, and the damage could prove permanent.

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